MF Contact Lenses

As I rapidly approach 50, my vision situation has deteriorated. Not to a life-imperiling level mind you. Simply to the level of massive annoyance. This led to the following recommendation from my Optometrist last week:

  • Recommendation 1: Spectacle prescription with progressive lenses
  • Recommendation 2: Contact lens prescription, distance vision, should be augmented with
  • Recommendation 3: Reading glasses prescription
  • Recommendation 4: “Monovision” contact lens prescription
  • Recommendation 5: “Multifocal” contact lens prescription

For the last two years or so, I’ve been using a “Monovision” prescription, (find out more about this approach, here). This is where you wear a reading prescription in your less dominant eye, and a distance prescription in your dominant eye… and your brain just “figures it out”. Right. IIRC, it took me at least three months before this kinda made sense.

Recently, though this has started to get tiresome… particularly the fact that you don’t necessarily have great depth of field vision when your eyes have varying degrees of distance correction applied.

So now I’m trying multifocal contacts. Most people hate them. The OD was reluctant to even prescribe them, but gave me a few to try out, and I was able to get a prescription out of her as well.

These work by implementing concentric circles of different prescription power on the lens… so I guess your correction is going to hinge in part on training yourself to look through the right part of the lens for each specific scenario.

What’s good

I can read!

What’s bad

I don’t seem to be able to read things in the distance very well. I’m wondering if this is something that will get better as I wear them longer?

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